Merchant Mondays: ChocoPerfection

Merchant Mondays: ChocoPerfection

Walk-through any supermarket and you will see an array of chocolate choices for your search: dark, milk, white-colored in a large number of bar and snack variations. What many of these options share may be the inclusion of sugar – and a lot of it. That is why they’re so tasty. What should you could take away the sugar, but still have that great taste? Let’s say you could do this this without needing artificial ingredients, gluten or high carb ingredients?

About fifteen years ago, Mary Jo Kringas requested exactly the same questions – and couldn’t determine what she was searching for anywhere available on the market. So, she labored on developing something new that will match these criteria. Something which would fulfill her chocolate craving, although not retain the high-carb, sugar things that she required to avoid. And thus, ChocoPerfection was created.

Whether to lose weight, nutritional limitations or simply overall health concerns, ChocoPerfection chocolate continues to be satisfying sweet tooth’s nationwide without having to sacrifice dietary value. Actually, these bars contain all of the antioxidant advantages of regular chocolate in addition to prebiotic fiber, maintaining your stomachs of individuals who enjoy them full and reducing their sugar cravings.

We lately swept up with Mary Jo to understand more about her business and just what challenges it presents. She filled us in, and described some a lot of advantages of her ChocoPerfection. Continue reading for that full Q&ampA!


Q: How have you enter into the process of sugar-free chocolate?

A: Around 2000, I considered over 300 pounds and that i was identified as having getting yeast infection that caused me to crave sugar. I had been placed on a zero-sugar, low-carb diet that supported me in losing 75 pounds within the newbie. Yet, I craved chocolate there weren’t any good-tasting and all sorts of-natural, sugar-free chocolate products available.

Mary Jo before and after

Q: Do you know us a bit about the advantages of sugar-free chocolate? What can you know those who are unsure about this?

A: Lots of people avoid sugar-free chocolate simply because they think it’ll taste bad. The most typical compliment to ChocoPefection is “No you might ever guess this really is sugar-free.Inches The advantages of ChocoPerfection include weight reduction on the low-carb diet plan, decreasing amounts of insulin with time, simpler digestive elimination and improved amounts of happiness from eating a food we like that’s also great for us.

Q: What sets ChocoPerfection aside from its competitors?

A: ChocoPerfection may be the only sugar-free chocolate available that is sweetened entirely from zero index list plant fibers. ChocoPerfection is sweetened from chicory root fiber, that is a prebiotic fiber that can help support weight reduction on the low-carb diet plan. ChocoPerfection doesn’t use maltitol, dextrin or maltodextrin, which all have a superior index list, yet appear in most other sugar-free chocolates.

ChocoPerfection Assortment Box

Q. So how exactly does your company handle seasonality?

Throughout the the sunshine, we freeze and cold pack the chocolate in order that it arrives without melting.

Q: What’s the most difficult facet of running your personal business?

A: There’s a continuing problem with unauthorized resellers repackaging and re-selling on Amazon . com or Ebay. This can damage the company because the box packaging continues to be made to educate customers on the need for the sugar-free ingredients utilized in ChocoPerfection.


Appreciate discussing your story around, Mary Jo!