What Volusioneers are Grateful For


The holiday season is here and 2016 is due a detailed. We lately sitting lower having a couple of Volusion employees and required serious amounts of think about what everyone has to become grateful with this season.

&#8220I&#8217m grateful in my health, my huge family, my hubby, and my Christmas playlist that has been on repeat since This summer.&#8221

&#8211 Adrianne Beutnagel

&#8220I’m grateful in my family all being such great cooks. I can’t wait to savor the scrumptious food everybody is making! I’m also grateful for that beautiful weather we’ve been getting in Austin in order to walk off all individuals calories later. &#8220

&#8211 Mia Pruett

&#8220I am grateful this season for any happy healthy family. A year ago I acquired another brother in law but more to the point I welcomed my boy into this family!&#8221

&#8211 Brittany Funk

&#8220I am grateful for chicken and grain.&#8221

&#8211 Graham Nabors

&#8220I&#8217m grateful which i work on a business prepared to bring Poultry Day-to you! There&#8217s more pumpkin cake here than you are able to shake a pilgrim at.

I&#8217m grateful for coworkers which are also good buddies, taking proper care of one another and therefore are very providing people with. The amount of &#8216Friendsgiving&#8217 occasions I&#8217ve seen appear during this time period of the year, in which you host a Thanksgiving dinner for anybody who are able to&#8217t get one using their family for reasons uknown (distance, drama, scheduling, terrible cooks) is really a heartwarming factor to determine. It seamless comfort to like these folks for who they really are in addition to the things they’re doing.&#8221

&#8211 Michael Crary

&#8220I&#8217m grateful for buddies, family and health.

I&#8217m grateful for that job I received captured with great colleagues.

I&#8217m grateful for brand new possibilities and exciting Austin adventures.

I&#8217m grateful for every new day.&#8221

&#8211 Mike Murphy

&#8220I automobile up today within my comfy bed to some very awesome blues tune. Clapton. And So I&#8217m grateful which i possess a nice smartphone.

I drove rapid 3-1/2 miles to operate inside a truck which i love, hearing tunes I like,

I&#8217m grateful the lady within the BMW within the left lane finally recognized she was drifting into my lane and remedied her very own course. Before I needed to blast my horn or take any evasive action. That will have disrupted my zen.

I showed up in a job I like, coupled with some fruit and a mug of gourmet tea.

I moved in to get results for your day with individuals I like being around.

Will it have any much better than this?

Which&#8217s only one day!&#8221

&#8211 Shaun Roberts

&#8220This might seem odd, however i&#8217m grateful in my pets! They comfort me after i&#8217m stressed, cause me to feel smile every day, and warm my ft every evening. It&#8217s also pretty awesome they prefer my opportunity over other people&#8217s on the planet &#8212 instant ego boost! Should you don&#8217t possess a soft fur buddy to hold with, I highly encourage you to definitely give one a house. You&#8217ll be grateful you probably did for many years!&#8221

&#8211 Maren Jepsen

&#8220I&#8217m grateful which i become home in a reasonable time so that you can facetime with my loved ones, who live overseas. I normally don&#8217t have time or ability to talk to them very frequently, and becoming that face-to-face amount of time in is important.&#8221

&#8211 Denise Mamo

&#8220Thankful in my wife, my dogs, and craft beer&#8230and beard maintenance systems&#8221

&#8211 Jacob King

&#8220I&#8217m grateful for dog Fridays at the office, since i don&#8217t have pets of my very own. I recieve to experience with everybody else&#8217s!&#8221

&#8211 Natalie Stambro

&#8220I&#8217m grateful for any husband who cooks scrumptious food and buddies who love good wine. Also my dogs!&#8221

&#8211 Kavi Kardos

What exactly are you grateful with this holidays? Tell us within the comments! Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Selling!