Merchant Mondays: Walltat


Have you been to some home items store (like IKEA) and located yourself looking at certainly one of their curated spaces thinking to yourself, “One day my family room will seem like this!” If you are into interior home design or simply have plain taste, you most likely have. Clogging your gutters home with beautiful decor is really a process – it requires considerable time, money, and energy. Fortunately, WallTat may have found the right solution for you personally!

Since 2008, WallTat has helped DIY enthusiasts boost the appearance of both their home and office spaces through visually stimulating wall decals. Their desire for design and quality brought these to create wall appliques which have superior creative designs which are simple to install, removable, and very affordable. All their products are manufactured from a skinny and opaque self-adhesive vinyl material which have a matte finish that&#8217s attractive on any surface!

Lately, we’d the great chance to talk with WallTat owner, Paul Bortell, by what this means to operate a company and just what sets them aside from major competitors. Browse the full story to listen to about his technique for the holiday season and the strategies for anybody available searching to begin their very own ecommerce store.


How have you enter into the DIY Paintings business?

I obtained the company in Feb of the year from your interior designer and artist. I like graphics and art, cheap others wish to benefit from the art which i provide provides me with great satisfaction. Knowing that they reliable me to provide a distinctive product that can make their house, office, church, etc. a unique spot to enjoy is a superb feeling.

How have you decide the Volusion platform was suitable for your company?

The previous proprietors found Volusion easy to utilize coupled with began their business with Volusion in the about 5 years ago. Running an e-commerce site with no physical location is frightening, because the business proprietor is having faith in their provider of services with a great deal – basically all of their business. It seems sensible to make use of Volusion since you support your clients having a full-range of services to enhance a simple-to-use platform resulting in a complete-partnership not only a customer-vendor relationship.

What sets WallTat aside from its competitors?

We really sell original art versus “clipart” images, and there exists a concentrate on enhancing décor – we don’t sell “stickers”.

What’s the most difficult facet of running your personal business?

You will find multiple priorities which have a rigid time-frame to finish. It&#8217s always my responsibility to make certain everything meets that much cla of “correctness”.


Does your company experience any seasonality fluctuations? If that’s the case, how can you handle it?

Mild seasonality so, basically level volumes.

The holiday season is closer than you think – what’s happening this season to organize for this?

We&#8217re running multiple promotions in rapid succession, using compensated advertising and social networking, in addition to making product donations to non-profits.

What tips have you got for somebody attempting to start their very own online business?

Be cautious about everything – focus on details, make certain you’ve three occasions the money available which you initially thought you will need, aim to employ gifted assist in every facet of your company, remember that “price” isn’t “cost” and become patient but, not very patient!