Worker Spotlight: Mike Lawson


Volusion is what it’s due to the individuals who work within its four walls. Therefore we thought we&#8217d let you know much more about a number of individuals people. What’s important to them? So why do they are available to operate every day? And just what will they expect to doing once they leave work? Within this Worker Spotlight series, you&#8217ll obtain a glimpse at one featured worker every month. This month, we spoken to E-mail Marketing Manager Mike Lawson. Here&#8217s what he’d to state:

Where do you turn at Volusion?

I&#8217m among the two E-mail Marketing Managers. We develop happy to keep our customers looking forward to Volusion and ecommerce.

How have you enter into the area?

My job before Volusion was type of strange and began out like a position on the Support team. I had been employed by a prospecting company and it was attempting to grow our reviews program. After about six several weeks there, we recognized the role really was increasingly about e-mail marketing than about dealing with our clients to create reviews. And So I moved to the Marketing team where I discovered that people were utilizing a horrible, outdated email tool. Our Marketing Director really was strong in Search engine optimization and content marketing, but he didn&#8217t know e-mail marketing that well. Therefore we leaped in it together and merely figured it. Since that time, it&#8217s been something I&#8217ve been really enthusiastic about!

Mike Lawson Employee Spotlight

What’s probably the most challenging factor regarding your job?

Delivering content that individuals love. Surprisingly, email marketers will always be considering what their readers need to see and not simply what we should want our readers to determine. And lots of that’s striking an account balance between your sales-driven side of the company and also the customer-driven side of the company.

We&#8217re a company, therefore we&#8217re clearly here to earn money, however, you can&#8217t only speak to your people to sell them things. You need to have them engaged and feeling as if you&#8217re adding to – and thinking about – their success. A part of the way we do this is as simple as ensuring we&#8217re supplying all of them with interesting, helpful content. Obtaining the right content in to the right people&#8217s hands is really a difficult puzzle, however it&#8217s a puzzle that&#8217s really rewarding when you solve it!

What exactly are you most happy with inside your career? How about outdoors of the career?

Professionally, I’m proud to the fact that I altered career pathways (my first career trajectory is at Project Management Software, also it was awful) and trained myself how to behave that’s fun and rewarding.

Personally, I&#8217m proudest of my dog. I&#8217m a wild dog person (just like any of my team will explain). She&#8217s a beagle named Lucy, and she or he&#8217s essentially the very best factor ever.

Mike Lawson's beagle

Exactly what do you like most about Volusion?

The folks. My team has gone through a number of changes within the year . 5 I&#8217ve been here, however i still make a start with excellent people!

What’s the very first factor you need to do when you are getting off work?

Go back home and let my dog out.

Exactly what do you love to do inside your free time?Or What exactly are your hobbies?

MOVIES. I&#8217m an enormous movie nerd. I&#8217ve seen 352 movies this season (let me see 366). Most weekends, I&#8217m at Alamo Drafthouse watching several movies.

I additionally love Geeks Who Drink pub quizzes. My buddies and that i go play every Wednesday night, also it&#8217s most likely things i expect towards the most throughout the week.

Mike Lawson

What’s the craziest factor you’ve ever done?

Thinking it had been smart to see 366 movies each year.

Where are you currently happening the next vacation?

I’ve got a number of buddies living around the globe. We keep in touch pretty much and then try to meet up personally every couple of years. The coming year, we&#8217re getting together in Savannah, GA.

Should you could open a web-based store, what can you sell?

Probably something The Exorcist-related.