Worker Spotlight: Timbo de Sosa


Volusion is what it’s due to the individuals who work within its walls, therefore we thought we’d let you know much more about a number of individuals people! What’s important to them? So why do they are available to operate every day? And just what will they expect to doing once they leave work? Within this Worker Spotlight series, you’ll obtain a glimpse at one featured worker every month. This month, we spoken to Affiliate Software Developer Timbo de Sosa. Here’s what he’d to state:


Where do you turn at Volusion?

I’m an affiliate software developer! I’m helping using the effort to modernize our software, while concurrently focusing on fixing existing bugs.


How have you enter into the area?

I began in customer support this year, after which after 2 yrs I moved to the QA department testing the program while understanding how to code, after which halfway this past year I grew to become an affiliate developer, or “baby developer” as I love to refer to it as. Hopefully this season I’ll result in the change to full-on developer, or “real boy developer” as I love to refer to it as.



What’s probably the most challenging factor regarding your job?

Our software has existed for any lengthy time, there are multiple layers into it, and often it’s difficult to reconcile the older layers with something totally new you want to do. It’s been referred to as attempting to make upgrades for an plane even though it is flying, which would be to say it’s really a very delicate process.


What exactly are you most happy with inside your career? How about outdoors of the career?

Within my career, I’m most happy with what lengths I’ve are available in 5 years. I had no clue after i requested a person service job which i would finish up coding as a living. Very good for any Bachelor of Arts in Oriental and Literature!


Outdoors of my career, I’m most happy with my microfinance lending to small company proprietors all over the world. During the last couple of years, I’ve made 158 loans totalling almost $14,500. Getting available credit has stored me from some terrible situations, and i believe it’s essential that everybody has that chance, especially small company proprietors in third world countries. Also, I’ve only been defaulted on a single time!


Exactly what do you like most about Volusion?

They’re attempting to kill me. We obtain a lot free food! Once on the This summer fourth celebration I’d a lot of chili dogs that I needed to go back home sick. I have a giant pho bowl inside my desk that is useful whenever we have Indian food for Diwali or Tex Mex for Cinco de Mayo. It’s called the “Timbowl.”



What’s the very first factor you need to do when you are getting off work?

This past year the solution was virtually always “go home and take my pants,” however this year I’m attempting to become more active, now 2 days per week I actually do yoga in the evening. Another days continue to be home and pants, though.


Exactly what do you love to do inside your free time?Or What exactly are your hobbies?

I’m greatly in to the McElroy group of podcasts. I believe I took in to around 500 hrs of the podcasts this past year. I additionally play lots of games, both board and digital. I’ve experienced exactly the same bet on Dungeons and Dragons during the last nine years, and we’re pretty near to stopping the Nine-Tongued Earthworm from another dimension that’s attempting to eat the world. Really, it’s still type of touch and go.


Where are you currently happening the next vacation?

My mother is really a tour operator, therefore we continue an incredible vacation each year. This past year was Holland, this season is Ireland! I do not know something that we’re doing because she plans everything together with her tour operator magic, but I know it’s likely to be fun, and I know I will possess some Guinness.



What’s the craziest factor you’ve ever done?

My friend’s grandmother died, and she or he couldn’t afford an airplane ticket to Atlanta to go to the funeral. I made the decision we’d drive to Atlanta together so she could attend, however i only had eventually of PTO available, therefore we left Tuesday once i departed work, drove 15 hrs straight during the night to Atlanta, she attended the funeral Wednesday as i rested, therefore we drove straight to Austin. I acquired back before a really sleepy work day on Thursday morning!


Should you could open a web-based store, what can you sell?

I’d sell suggestions for online retailers, with no, you aren’t obtaining a free one at this time.