3 Simple Strategies for Site Navigation and Category Structure


Have you have you been annoyed by an internet site with confusing structure and impossible-to-find products? It&#8217s especially infuriating by having an ecommerce site, as poor navigation can put you off shopping with this particular site altogether. The merchant misses on a repeat customer because of something as elementary as the usability of the site. I understand there has been occasions when I’ve compensated more for that ease of using the services of an intuitive and just structured website rather from the cheaper, more confusing option. Much towards the chagrin of my wallet, my brain wants function and ease with regards to the shopping process!

The dwelling and ease-of-utilization of your web store will go a lengthy way toward developing trust together with your customers, as well as remaining in Google’s good graces. Listed here are a couple of pointers that are simple to incorporate to your site whether it needs a structure and navigation cleanup.

Start at the start

Your customer&#8217s capability to locate fairly easily what they’re searching for largely depends upon what they’re proven the moment they arrive in your homepage. It’s vital that you naturally classify your service towards the top from the page. For instance, let’s say you sell a number of sports rehab supplies, a natural, top-level category structure would most likely separate braces from muscle creams. This not just allows people to know which path they have to take it may also help reinforce the keyword structure of the website so search engines like google know to appear much deeper compared to homepage.

The instance below shows the way a physiology supplies merchant separates their goods using both generic category terms in addition to brands.


The generic product menu at the very top left enables less-informed people to search more broadly, helping search engines like google more clearly know very well what probably the most prominent keywords are suitable for this site. More informed or repeat customers may use the company menu lower the page if they’re loyal to particular products. These pages could be enhanced for every brand individually, which supplies more specificity for search engines like google.

“But that appears like a lot of work and that i have no idea where I’d begin!”

You are able to rapidly do this approach by dragging and shedding your groups within the admin section of your store. It’s fast and reversible, so worry not! You’re never locked to the changes you are making. Discover more regarding your navigation menu options by studying our Understanding Base article.

Funnel Lower towards the Specifics

Since your homepage menu choices are in tip-top condition, we have to keep delivering customers lower the best purchasing funnel. What secondary ways can you segment your choice of products? Will it be by color? By material? Or by specific areas of the body? Let’s stick to the sports rehab supplies merchant as one example of this.


I’ve visited their Supports &amp Braces section and I’m with all this selection of options. This can be a best example of further segmenting the navigation to steer your customer towards the correct location. Piling many of these braces onto just one website landing page would clutter some misconception and irritate customers by forcing them to look through countless braces to obtain the correct one. On the top of this, an untidy website landing page will confuse search engines like google in regards to what the page&#8217s exact purpose is. An internet look for knee braces is not the same as searching for elbow braces, plus you site should distinguish backward and forward to be able to answer the customer’s search query as precisely as you possibly can.

“This looks super useful, however i do not have the sources to create nicely arranged tiles with images such as this.Inches

Donrrrt worry! Around the admin look at the course page under consideration, click the Advanced Info tab and choose Category Images to include a Subcategory Image. After that you can make that page render like a clickable tile within its parent category by hitting Advanced Info deciding on Subcategory Display in the expanded menu. Subcategory Display Mode 2 has options to select from. Check out our Category Settings article to understand more about you skill together with your squeeze pages.

Ask Customers The Things They Thought

Once you’ve completed that transaction, an order has shipped, along with a week approximately has transpired, make sure to send follow-up emails to determine what customers considered the purchasing process. Could it have been simple to find the best category from the beginning? How about subcategories? Were products well-organized around the page? You’re employed in your store so frequently that you’re certain to miss details that the neutral 3rd party will get, and getting that objective eye is essential.

“But Jacob, how shall we be held designed to keep an eye on delivering emails to a large number of customers?”

Simple! Enter in the Settings field in your store’s admin area, choose Config Variables in the dropdown list and check for “survey.” Look into the box to allow a computerized survey after purchase, and adjust the amount of days before it transmits, keeping the typical shipping occasions in your mind so customers have a opportunity to physically try the merchandise before writing an evaluation. In the event that still seems like something don&#8217t wish to accomplish, you could ask a buddy you trust to undergo your website and provide you with their honest feedback.

Other Points to consider

You may make other simple changes for your Volusion store to enhance the dwelling and flow of the website. Their applicability may rely on your industry and merchandise, however they are usually suitable for most retailers.

  • Reduce the amount of products displayed per page, that will reduce scrolling fatigue and improve page load speeds.
    • Advanced Info &gt Product Display &gt Display Posts &amp Rows
  • Hide product descriptions and outline shorts from displaying on their own parent groups, which de-clutters the page and prevents large blocks of text from disrupting the uniformity from the website landing page.
    • Advanced Info &gt Product Display &gt Show Description &amp Description Short

Proper structure and navigation of web sites isn’t a brand new subject sweeping the web, and we’ve spoken about this before, and continuously address later on blogs too. Searching at the website’s structure and navigation fairly is a terrific way to solve for the requirements of the client, also it makes your site simpler to scan and index from the internet search engine perspective. What exactly are some hurdles you’ve encounter relating to your site’s navigation and category structure? Share all of them with us within the comments below and we’ll gladly provide some insights!